LaVa L8

LaVa is the acronym for Laser welding under Vacuum and combines the strength of  laser welding with the vacuum environment.  The LaVa L8, is optimised for smaller workpieces. The easy to operate LaVa operates at a reduced pressure of ~1 mbar enabling deep penetration welding and a significant reduction of spatter to nearly zero. Challenging work pieces made from Copper, Titanium, Magnetic or Insulating materials can be welded with LaVa on an Electron Beam performance level.

Key features

  • Beam Power: 500 W - 2 kW
  • Twice the welding depth
  • Single or Multi mode laser options
  • Minimisation of weld spatter
  • Work Piece: Ø100 mm x 150 mm
  • Focal Alignment: manual or CNC
  • Specialists in Vacuum technology
LaVa is available with or without laser, depending on current facilities.

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