MEBW-60 L135

The MEBW-60 L135 is equipped with either a CNC driven bottom mounted x/y table or with a side mounted rotary manipulator.  Conversion from a large single-drum into a six-drum rotary manipulator for high throughput and batch processing is very rapid and simple. To learn more about the L135 and its precise work piece control please check out the movie.  Click HERE

Key features

  • Accelerating Voltage: 5-60 kV
  • Beam Current: 0.015 mA - 33 mA @ 60 kV
  • Beam Power: 2 kW
  • Beam Diameter: <50 μm @ 1 mA
  • Chamber Dimension: 500x500x540 mm
  • Workpiece: Single, multi and complex CNC controlled
The optional Electron Source-shift solution allows for maximum positioning flexibility. Workpiece observation is realized with the unique FOCUS SEM Mode “Scan & View” or by traditional optical means using a camera/lens system combination. A low maintenance pumping system with high pumping speed allows for very fast turnaround cycles.

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