VIM-2 - Mobile SRG System

The VIM-2 is a stationary (grid operation) and mobile, battery-operated, highly accurate and long-term stable vacuum pressure gauge based on Spinning Rotor Gauge (SRG) technology. As a battery-operated device, the VIM-2 is user-friendly, works largely independently and can be run remotely (App via Bluetooth). It is particularly suitable for measurements on cryogenic, vacuum-insulated liquid gas tanks. It is a safe option and does not require any electrical feedthroughs, making it an all-metal sensor that is extremely robust and resistant to aging.

Key features

  • True stationary and mobile Spinning Rotor Gauge
  • 10 mbar to 5 x 10-7 mbar measuring range
  • High intrinsic accuracy on transfer standard level (1% of reading)
  • ll metal sensor operating at ambient temperature
To download the spec sheet please click here. Download application note here. VIM-2 is developed by Ph-instruments.

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