Diamond Tips - Quantilever™ MX+ Probe

Quantilever™ MX+ represents the state-of-the-art diamond tips that deliver the highest demonstrated signal-to noise ratio for scanning NV magnetometry measurements. The innovative tip design maximizes the light collection efficiency while ensuring an optimal distance between the NV center and the sample surface.
Qnami designed this patented technology in their laboratory in Switzerland for optimised optical throughput and unique resolution.

Key features

  • NV depth - down to 10 nm
  • High precision technology
  • Record-low laser powers (<50 μW)
  • Photon emission into minimal numerical aperture (NA~0.5)
Combine the Quantilever MX+ series with Qnami ProteusQ to enhance its sensing performance, please click here. With their high signal-to-noise ratio, Quantilever MX+ probes unlock the measurement of even weaker magnetic fields
Also see QuantileverMX, please click here.

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