Diamond Tips - Quantilever™ Probe

Quantilevers are diamond probes made with NV centers for scanning NV microscopy applications.
With a single NV at the apex of the tip, Quantilever MX probes scan surfaces with extreme precision and allow non-perturbative analysis of a large variety of magnetic materials. Qnami Quantilevers can operate under different measurement environments (ambient conditions, lowtemperature).
Qnami designed this patented technology in their laboratory in Switzerland for optimised optical throughput and unique resolution.

Key features

  • Diamond tip apex radius: 100 nm (typical)
  • Available with two implantation depths: 10nm, 18nm (nominal)
  • NV lifetime: up to 6 months
  • Bulk-like spin properties
Combine the Quantilever MX series with our ProteusQ scanning NV microscope for direct quantitative measurement of the magnetic field with minimal calibration requirements.
For ultimate perform use with Qnami ProteusQ, please click here.  But can also be used in custom environments.
Quantilever MX is available in different configurations to meet application-specific requirements.
Also see the new QuantileverMX+ please click here.

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