The EFM-H is a source to provide atomic hydrogen based on the concept of the proven EFM 3.  A flange NW16CF on the rear side is used for molecular hydrogen inlet including a pumping by-pass to clean the piping prior to H2  disposal. The EFM-H is an ideal instrument for the cleaning and etching of semiconductor surfaces (such as Si, GaAs, Ge or InP), for surface passivation, for improvement of thin film growth and other similar applications using atomic hydrogen.

Key features

  • FWHM ±15°to ±6°
  • Tungsten (W) Capillary for H
  • Optional ion suppressor and shutter
  • Mounting flange: NW35CF
  • Fully bakeable up to 250°C
The EFM-H features a cracking efficiency close to 100%, a smooth, flat and sharply defined spot profile, a low background pressure and low power consumption.

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