Compact Auger Analysers microCMA

Simple to operate and easy to maintain, the microCMA provides a complete quantitative surface sensitive elemental Auger Electron (AES) analyzer package that mounts on a 2.75”/ 70 mm CF flange. For elemental analysis, the microCMA is more affordable than a standalone XPS system. The complete AES system includes the cylindrical mirror analyzer (with integrated coaxial electron gun), a USB interface controller, and Windows acquisition and data-massage software. It's Auger analysis made easy!

Key features

  • Fits on a 2.75” (70 mm) CF flange
  • Built-in co-axial 3 kV electron gun
  • Customisable length
  • Can be baked up to 250° C
  • Easy to use
Base package: microCMA analyzer, USB interface controller, preamp with 15 ft (4.6m) cable, data acquisition and massage software, and manual. Optional accessories: XYZ translator, 9103 USB picoammeter, custom lengths for CMA and preamp cable. Watch a video demonstration here. Download Application notes here:  Application 1, Application 2. The microCMA is developed by RBD Instruments.

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