EFM 3s

The EFM 3s adds an additional electrode to the EFM 3 source. A part of the evaporant beam in all mini-ebeam evaporators including the EFM-series is ionized by the electron bombardment during heating. Most of these ions are captured and utilised by the flux monitor electrode, but some can escape and impact the substrate potentially causing defects in susceptible films. To generate a 100 % neutral beam an additional voltage is applied at the suppressor electrode of the EFM 3s. The additional voltage is supplied by the power EVC 300s power supply.

Key features

  • Evaporation area 4-20 mm
  • Integrated shutter and Flux Monitor
  • Ion suppressor (neutral evaporant beam)
  • Crucible capacity up to about 700 mm3
  • Mounting flange: NW35CF
All other features are identical to EFM 3 Upgrade packages for standard EFM 3 units are available on request.

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