FDG 15

The FDG 15 ion source is designed to clean samples for surface analysis, to perform simple depth profiling, as an excitation source for ISS/LEIS experiments and to provide low energy ions (< 15 eV) for Dual-Beam XPS charge neutralization. The extremely clean ion beam is delivered by a non line of sight filament, a gas injection into the ionization cage and effective differential pumping. The ionization is via electron bombardment to provide a continuous variable beam current from the nA to μA regime. A dedicated ion focusing optics allows a focussed spot size down to 300 μm for sputtering of small crystals and to adapt for larger working distances up to 300 mm.

Key features

  • Variable spot size
  • 400 eV to 5 KeV (15eV option)
  • Non line-of-sight filament
  • 30 mm – 300 mm working distance
  • Differentially pumped
  • Integrated port aligner
  • Mounting Flange: NW35CF
The FDG 15 can be fully controlled by the front electronics panel, TCP/IP interface or LabVIEW™ control software and a range of upgrade options are available. For dedicated depth profiling, with a small spot we recommend the FDG 150

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