FDG 150

The FDG 150 is a high performance UHV Ion Source for depth profile analysis with XPS and Auger Spectroscopy and as part of a dual-beam charge neutralisation for XPS. It can also be used as excitation source with ISS/LEIS, for sample cleaning or SPM tip preparation. The source is differentially pumped and comes with an integrated port aligner, a regulated leak valve and allows for large working distances.

Key features

  • Floating ion source for charge neutralization (10 eV to 5 KeV)
  • Small Beam diameter (<150μm @ 5keV) for depth profiling
  • Beam current from approx. 100nA (@15eV) to 10μA (@5keV)
  • Suitable for ISS and LEIS
  • Beam current stabilization with regulated leak valve
  • Scan area: 10x10 mm @ 5keV / 50mm WD
  • Mounting Flange: NW35CF
The power supply offers an integrated scan generator for beam positioning and scanning, alongside a closed loop regulation of the current via the integrated leak valve. The FDG 150 It can be fully controlled by the front electronics panel, TCP/IP interface or LabVIEW™ control software.

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