IG2 Sputter Ion Source Package

2 kV source and controller - low cost solution for beam etching and sputter cleaning The Model 04-165 Backfill Ion Source generates an energetic inert gas ion beam for sputter-etching solid surfaces. The source requires a static pressure of 5x10-5 torr with an inert gas such as argon. Ions are generated by electron impact within the ion source’s dual filament ionization chamber and are then focused at the target with energies of up to 2 kV. The impurity content of the ion beam is minimized by using an off-axis filament geometry. A focusing lens permits high ion current density to be obtained for a given operating pressure and source-to-sample distance. A dual tungsten filament assembly permits continued operation when the first filament opens.

Key features

  • Low cost cleaning source
  • 500eV to 2KeV (500 eV steps)
  • Dual Filament for long term operation
  • 25-50mm working distance
  • In field replacement of filament
  • Mounting Flange: DN40CF / 2.75“
The Model 32-175 2 kV Ion Source Control provides all the necessary voltages and currents required to operate the Model 04-165 2 kV Backfill Ion Source. The beam voltage may be activated manually or remotely. The built-in emission current meter makes it easy to set the appropriate filament current.   Download Application notes here: Application Note 1, Application Note 2. The IG2 is developed by RBD Instruments.  We are the sole European distributor representing RBD Instruments.

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