The Imaging Energy Filter (IEF) is operated like a retarding field analyser upon conserving the full image quality at the same time. From this it acts as an imaging high pass filter. It represents a compact and versatile energy filter for all applications with good photoelectron yield and at low binding energies, with an energy resolution of <50 meV.  For time resolved studies the Time-of-Flight (TOF/DLD) PEEM combined with a pulsed laser or synchrotron beam line enables time resolved imaging with an overall time resolution down to 180 ps used for parallel energy filtering by converting the time slices into energy slices, with an energy resolution <50 meV.

Key features

    Energy filtered PEEM with the k-space option is the ideal instrument to navigate in real space to areas of interest and then switch with one mouse click in between real space- and k-space imaging. For this the PEEM lens can be equipped optionally with additional electron optical elements to accomplish not only the lateral imaging but also the imaging of the momentum distribution of the emitted electrons. This concept has been called Momentum Microscope and is implemented both with the TOF PEEM and the NanoESCA III as a standard.  The IEF PEEM may be upgraded with the k-space optics as an option.

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