Since its first installation in 2005, the NanoESCA has continued to evolve. With fascinating scientific results and methods published from using this instrument speak for itself. With new enhanced features the NEW NanoESCA MARIS analyzer has superior benefits.  With its abilities to perform both, Momentum and Real Space Imaging Spectroscopy, in ultra high resolutions, it seeks to become the photoemission analyzer for the next generation of scientists.

Key features

  • New Operation Mode
  • Improved Momentum Space Imaging Resolution
  • Off-Axis Zoom
  • Double Dispersive Mode
  • E vs k Mode
The first NanoESCA in the UK can be found at at the University of Bristol. NanoESCA is sold via FOCUS GmbH partners ScientaOmicron, but laboratory instruments can be upgraded post delivery with the 2D Imaging Spinfilter for Momentum Microscopy.

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