NanoESCA - 2D Spin

The NanoESCAIII can be upgraded to include a 2D Spinfilter for parallel acquisition of high resolution spin filtered images.  The detector consists of a two-armed electron optics with an IEF system at one end. The central element is a spin sensitive scattering crystal. In combination with the k-space optics the NanoESCA III with spin filter is collecting energy and spin resolved momentum microscope images (see right figure below).

Key features

  • 2D Spin Filter
  • HAXPEEM up to 10 keV
  • Imaging XPS: <150nm
  • Momentum Microscopy
The first NanoESCA in the UK can be found at at the University of Bristol NanoESCA III is sold via FOCUS GmbH partners ScientaOmicron, but laboratory instruments can be upgraded post delivery with the 2D Imaging Spinfilter for Momentum Microscopy

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