The FOCUS PEEM utilizes the technique of photoemission electron microscopy to image electrons emitted from any flat and conducting sample surface.  Electron emission from surfaces can be caused by UV, VUV or x-ray photons, by thermal activation, by electron/ion bombardment or even by field emission.  The PEEM can be combined with the dedicated high stability integrated sample stage (IS) and various available energy filters for specialist research applications. The objective lens is designed as an electrostatic immersion lens to collect electrons from 0.0 eV up to 1.6 keV (HAXPEEM: up to 10 keV).

Key features

  • Workfuction Mapping
  • Microscopic ARPES (µ-ARPES)
  • Lateral Resolution: <35nm (IS-PEEM)
  • Field of View: 3 µm-> 800
  • Extraction Voltage: 50V -> 16 kV
The remaining FOCUS PEEM lens system works also purely electrostatic in order to avoid interferences with magnetic surfaces as well as any image and/or spin rotation while an energy scan is performed. Software assisted control ensures time efficient and safe PEEM operation even on challenging samples. The calculated electron optical resolution is better than 20 nm. The electromagnetic field distribution near to the sample surface and/or simply a limited photon density are determing the obtainable resolution on a real sample in practice.  The FOCUS IS-PEEM is designed to be operated with the piezo driven high stability integrated sample stage (IS) and various energy filters following an easy to upgrade modular concept.  

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