HIS 14 HD mono

The HIS 14 HD Mono has been designed for Ultraviolet Photoelectron Spectroscopy (UPS) on solids with the monochromatic discharge lines of He I and He II. Together with the small spot of 300 μm the HIS 14 HD Mono is the best choice for ARPES or PEEM applications where high flux densities into a small area are required. The focusing and monochromatizing of the light spot down to 300 μm is realised with synchrotron beam line optics technology.

Key features

  • Dispersive element with 20 % transmission for He I and II
  • He I: > 1012 Photons/s/mm2 He II: > 1011 Photons/s/mm2
  • Spot size < 300 μm
  • Mounting Flange: NW63CF (standard)
  • High Flux density into small area for ARPES and PEEM
  • Optional 3rd stage differential pumping (<10-10mbar)
A low noise digital power supply provides up to 300 mA discharge current for HeI and HeII operation. The minimum photon line width with HeI excitation is below 2 meV. The HIS power supply supports automatic plasma ignition and control of a Pirani pressure gauge.

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