Designed for Ultraviolet Photoelectron Spectroscopy (UPS) on solids with the discharge lines of HeI and HeII as well as of other noble gases and Hydrogen, the HIS 14 HD is an extended version of the FOCUS HIS 13. The small spot of 300 μm makes the HIS 14 HD ideal for ARPES or PEEM applications where high flux densities into a small area are mandatory. For high performance ARPES research the focusing of the light spot down to 300 μm is realized with synchrotron beam line optics technology. The photo current into a 300 μm spot is > 30 nA (Al foil) and a 3rd pumping stage can be incorporated for operation below 10-10 mbar.

Key features

  • 300 µm spot size
  • 50 x higher flux density (compared to non-focused source)
  • Operating pressure down to 10-10 mbar range
  • Mounting Flange: NW63CF (standard)
  • ±3° port aligner for adjustment
  • Optimised for ARPES experiments
A low noise digital power supply provides up to 300 mA discharge current for HeI and HeII operation. The minimum photon line width with HeI excitation is below 2 meV. The HIS power supply supports automatic plasma ignition and control of a Pirani pressure gauge.

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