EasySPIN is a compact electron energy and spin analyzer combining the 90 °- deflection of a cylindrical sector analyzer with the FERRUM spin detector for simultaneous in- and out-of-plane spin polarization measurements. (The second in-plane component is either measured after 90° sample rotation or using the optional spin-rotator). Spin detection is based on Very-Low-Energy Electron Diffraction (VLEED) where the incoming electron beam is scattered at a magnetized and oxygen passivated iron film grown on a tungsten crystal. The EasySPIN enables unsurpassed fast spin resolved spectroscopy in a user friendly and affordable manner. The spin integrated mode (separate channeltron) supports both standard Auger and XPS up to 1.6 keV kinetic energy and UPS down to 10 meV resolution.

Key features

  • Integrated FERRUM with unsurpassed figure of merit
  • 90° deflection for in- and out-of- plane spin polarization acquisition
  • Mounting flange: CF 100 ID
  • Working Distance: 50mm
  • Low cost of ownership compared to ARPES analysers
Independently variable entrance and exit slits provide high flexibility in determining transmission and energy resolution. The angular acceptance can be configured from +/- 1° to +/- 8°.

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