miniZ Compact System

MiniZ comprises a high power UVC emitter that fits inside a standard 1.5" I.D. vacuum chamber tube and a compact power supply which mounts directly to the 2.75" CF flange. The miniZ is ideal for solving water vapor problems in compact vacuum chambers, mini ALD chambers, pressure cells and load locks. A remote ON/OFF option is available if you want to operate the miniZ by a process controller or set point. Available in 2.75"and 4.5" CF flange sizes. Base package: miniZ emitter mounted on 2.75’ (70mm) CF flange, controller with universal voltage input (specify your voltage) power supply, and manual. Optional accessories: Remote turn on option.

Key features

  • Simple to use
  • Cost effective
  • 185 nm UVC radiation
  • Produces 350 uW/cm2 @ 6cm from end of emitter (2.75" flange)
Watch a video demonstration here. Download application note 1, application note 2. MiniZ is developed by RBD Instruments.  We are the sole European distributor representing RBD Instruments.

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