Ideal for large O-ring sealed vacuum systems and load locks, the UVB-100 is designed to desorb water vapor and remove oxidative hydrocarbon in high and ultra-high vacuum chambers, the UVB-100 Water Desorption System utilizes UV radiation to desorb layers of water vapor without the intense heat of IR or a radiant bakeout. For surface analysis systems, using a UVB-100 means that you can load samples more quickly and without introducing water vapor into your system. For high vacuum systems, faster pump-down times mean more process runs and higher productivity. In production systems, the UVB-100 provides faster ultimate pressure and quicker removal of desorbed water during pump down. There are various packages available, along with optional accessories, please contact us here for more information.

Key features

  • Low-temperature water desorption
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for large chambers and load locks with O-ring seals
  • Works with most HV and UHV systems
Download application note 1. UVB-100 is developed by RBD Instruments. We are the sole European distributor representing RBD Instruments.

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