VB Series Vacuum Bakeout

The VB Series of vacuum bakeout packages are designed to desorb water vapor from vacuum chambers that can take the high heat of shortwave IR. High-power infrared radiation heats the vacuum chamber from the inside out which simplifies the bakeout process. The VB Series comprises the IRB-600IR Emitter and BC-3 Controller as shown in the images. The IRB-600IR Infrared Emitter Assembly provides 600 watts of shortwave infrared heating to the inside of vacuum chambers to effectively remove water vapor from the chamber walls. BC-3 Vacuum Chamber Bakeout Controller provides total control of your vacuum chamber bakeout process. There are two packages available depending on your power requirements, along with optional accessories, please contact us here for more information.

Key features

  • Simplifies the bakeout process
  • Adjustable power regulation
  • Temperature feedback
  • Vacuum interlock
  • Scalable
Watch a video demonstration here.


For surface analysis systems such as X-ray photoelectron and Auger spectrometers. For general-purpose vacuum chambers, the VB series Vacuum Bakeout packages provide effective infrared heating of the inside of chamber walls, desorbing water vapor and improving the working vacuum of the chamber. Download application note 1. The VB Series is developed by RBD Instruments.  We are the sole European distributor representing RBD Instruments.